ERAHM CHRISTOPHER is an award winning filmmaker, author and speaker who bridges social divides with creative storytelling. He has produced and directed over twenty productions including three award winning student-shot films, three stop-motion adaptations of children’s books, an operatic film for Bravo!, an animation for Special Olympics, and his debut scripted feature, Listen.  

He is the co-author of the book Teen Truth: Why Youth Have Something to Hide, the creator of the Teen Truth Live experience and director of the Teen Truth film series. Since the organization’s inception, over 8 million people have viewed his films, over 2 million have viewed the live experiences and he has personally reached nearly a half a million people at speaking engagements around the world. 

Beyond Teen Truth and his own film productions, Christopher has developed innovative project based programs that teach youth and adults how to utilize the filmmaking process to connect, reconcile and expand their creativity. He serves as president of the non-profit A Third Party and is the co-founder of the youth focused GOFILM! workshop. 

Christopher’s socially conscious work has influenced legislation, inspired youth development strategies and literally saved lives. You can follow him at @erahm_chris.