Erahm's affiliations with nonprofit, government and youth development organizations focus on healing others using creativity and paving the way for social learning, deeper understanding, and reciprocity.


GOFILM! is a filmmaking program that Erahm co-founded in 2007.  This workshop uses an all-inclusive collaboration model to train students and educators to be accomplished storytellers.  Featuring professional mentors and hands-on activities, GOFILM! creates a positive environment where aspiring filmmakers can explore their artistic voice.  Since its inception, GOFILM! alumni have produced award-winning content, achieved college scholarships and launched careers in the entertainment industry.


This five-month collaboration paired Erahm with a group of diverse teens exiting the juvenile justice system.  Using artistic and trauma-informed methods, he taught the youth to think critically about their choices and use storytelling to express what they learned from their experiences.  Throughout the program the youth learned filmmaking techniques to create a short movie.  The project was shared with the community to help others understand how the youth think and feel.


During this seven-month program, Erahm worked with sixteen youth at the only high school in the most dangerous police district in Philadelphia.  Erahm trained the youth to deconstruct narrative media to understand how artistic techniques may influence how a viewer thinks and feels.  The students learned how to apply the same method to express their thoughts regarding current events.  The collaborative process helped unify the youth and improve their communication, public speaking and writing skills.  The program culminated in a spoken word presentation to members of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.  Erahm documented the entire program on camera, resulting in a 60-minute documentary currently being utilized as an educational tool to help improve the social dynamic of their urban community.